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About: My name is Charlotte and welcome to my blog. I am 23 years old, plus-size and a fashion design graduate. I am a Londoner born and bred, trying to discover moments of peace in a bustling city. I like to pretend I'm a character in a book, wearing clothes that make me smile, and telling a story through my photographs. In my spare time I read lots of books, watch endless amounts of films, and bake pretty cakes.

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All photo's and illustrations on this blog are my own unless otherwise stated.
isitabouttime asked: Is that your real hair color? God it is so beautiful. You are so pretty.

Thank you very much!

I get asked this quite a bit actually, and I’m glad people think it looks natural, but unfortunately it’s not. However, I was born ginger and had naturally ginger hair up until the age of about 11 when it started to darken a bit. So I am actually a real ‘ginger’, with pale complexion, tons of freckles, but my hair is now ‘enhanced’ haha :)

New outfit post up on Apple-Charlotte.comDreaming of Autumn

Featuring a pretty dress from Boohoo’s plus range!

emskibibble asked: I just stumbled across you on Tumblr when looking at fashion blogs and your blog is super cute. I'm now following you on Goodreads and Instagram because you seem to enjoy similar books to me :) Nice work having excellent taste in clothes, beauty and books!

Hello! :D

That is so lovely, thank you!
And yay for similar book taste! Feel free to recommend me lots of books, I love hearing new suggestions!

New blog post up: We Ran Past Strawberry Fields and Smelt the Summertime

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New blog post up: Castle in the Clouds

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New blog post up: Wild Horses

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