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About: My name is Charlotte and welcome to my blog. I am 24 years old, plus-size and a fashion design graduate. I am a Londoner born and bred, trying to discover moments of peace in a bustling city. I like to pretend I'm a character in a book, wearing clothes that make me smile, and telling a story through my photographs. In my spare time I read lots of books, watch endless amounts of films, and bake pretty cakes.

My main blog is:

All photo's and illustrations on this blog are my own unless otherwise stated.

Yesterday was my birthday, and I quickly blogged about it over on my main blog!

Apple-Charlotte.comTwenty Four

New blog post up on Back to School

Bit of a brief outfit post, but I tell you about me going back to University, and how I might not be around so much for the next few months!

sunrayspooky asked: I'd also like to ask where you get all of your shoes from bc they are literally the cutest shoes I've ever seen

If you go onto my main blog (, I list everything I’m wearing at the end of each blog post.

However, most of my shoes are either from Topshop or ASOS!

sunrayspooky asked: I really love the clothes you were and you are so pretty and look so good in everything!!!!

Haha, thank you! I promise you I don’t look good in everything, but thank you for saying so anyway :D

New outfit post up on Farewell Summer

klariniznaa asked: omg you are so cute :) !

Aww, thank you very much :D x

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