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About: My name is Charlotte and welcome to my blog. I am 23 years old, plus-size and a fashion design graduate. I am a Londoner born and bred, trying to discover moments of peace in a bustling city. I like to pretend I'm a character in a book, wearing clothes that make me smile, and telling a story through my photographs. In my spare time I read lots of books, watch endless amounts of films, and bake pretty cakes.

My main blog is:

All photo's and illustrations on this blog are my own unless otherwise stated.

New blog post up: Castle in the Clouds

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New blog post up: Wild Horses

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There’s a new blog post up on my blog. A Seaside Promenade

littlelegs8 asked: just found ur tumblr and blog and been looking through and you look amazing! All of your shoes and bags are to die for !

Thank you :)

onephotodownfall asked: You're adorable!:)

Thank you :)

New blog post up on Apple Charlotte: Hey Mickey!

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